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Tylko u nas znajdziesz tak wiele cytatów w języku angielskim posegregowanych alfabetycznie.Nasza baza cytatów angielskich jako jedyna w sieci liczy ponad 10 000 najlepszych cytatów.Zapraszamy do korzystania z zasobów ...

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>>   We must uphold the promise of Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton and never allow the President and his Republican friends to threaten Social Security by putting it on the Wall Street trading block.
>>   We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch.
>>   We must, however, acknowledge as it seems to me, that a man with all his noble qualities...still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.
>>   We need a president who's fluent in at least one language.
>>   We need anything politically important rationed out like Pez: small, sweet, and coming out of a funny, plastic head.
>>   We need men who can dream of things that never were.
>>   We need never be ashamed of our tears.
>>   We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real?
>>   We never understand how little we need in this world until we know the loss of it.
>>   We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.
>>   We only do well the things we like doing.
>>   We ought not to judge of men's merits by their qualifications, but by the use they make of them.
>>   We owe something to extravagance, for thrift and adventure seldom go hand in hand.
>>   We rarely confide in those who are better than we are.
>>   We rarely find anyone who can say he has lived a happy life, and who, content with his life, can retire from the world like a satisfied guest.
>>   We rarely think people have good sense unless they agree with us.
>>   We read frequently if unknowingly, in quest of a mind more original than our own.
>>   We require from buildings two kinds of goodness: first, the doing their practical duty well: then that they be graceful and pleasing in doing it.
>>   We secure our friends not by accepting favors but by doing them.
>>   We seem to believe it is possible to ward off death by following rules of good grooming.


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