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Tylko u nas znajdziesz tak wiele cytatów w języku angielskim posegregowanych alfabetycznie.Nasza baza cytatów angielskich jako jedyna w sieci liczy ponad 10 000 najlepszych cytatów.Zapraszamy do korzystania z zasobów ...

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>>   Oh, that way madness lies; let me shun that.
>>   Oh, treacherous night! thou lendest thy ready veil to every treason, and teeming mischief's beneath thy shade.
>>   Oh, what a dear ravishing thing is the beginning of an Amour!
>>   Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to believe.
>>   Oil prices have fallen lately. We include this news for the benefit of gas stations, which otherwise wouldn't learn of it for six months.
>>   Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternatives.
>>   Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that happen to a man.
>>   Old age is the most unexpected of things that can happen to a man.
>>   Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to.
>>   Old age, calm, expanded, broad with the haughty breadth of the universe, old age flowing free with the delicious near-by freedom of death.
>>   Old boys have their playthings as well as young ones; the difference is only in the price.
>>   Old houses mended, Cost little less than new before they re ended.
>>   On a lazy Saturday morning when you're lying in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, there is a space where fantasy and reality become one. Are you awake, or are you dreaming? You see people and things; some are familiar; some are strange. You talk, you fee
>>   On account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years, no matter what it does.
>>   On action alone be thy interest, Never on its fruits. Let not the fruits of action be thy motive, Nor be thy attachment to inaction.
>>   On my income tax 1040 it says 'Check this box if you are blind.' I wanted to put a check mark about three inches away.
>>   On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.
>>   On the plus side, death is one of the few things that can be done just as easily lying down.
>>   On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.
>>   Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country w


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