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Tylko u nas znajdziesz tak wiele cytatów w języku angielskim posegregowanych alfabetycznie.Nasza baza cytatów angielskich jako jedyna w sieci liczy ponad 10 000 najlepszych cytatów.Zapraszamy do korzystania z zasobów ...

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>>   Order is the shape upon which beauty depends.
>>   Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid.
>>   Oregano is the spice of life.
>>   Organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year and spends very little on office supplies.
>>   Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting where you heard it.
>>   Other lands have their vitality in a few, a class, but we have it in the bulk of our people.
>>   Other people's troubles are bearable.
>>   Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.
>>   Our American values are not luxuries but necessities, not the salt in our bread, but the bread itself. Our common vision of a free and just society is our greatest source of cohesion at home and strength abroad, greater than the bounty of our material ble
>>   Our avian brothers are back to roost on the first leg of their annual sojourn south. Why them and not us? Maybe it's because we humans are meant to be rooted in one spot.
>>   Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.
>>   Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.
>>   Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!
>>   Our an omen of our destiny, and the more integrity we have and keep, the simpler and nobler that destiny is likely to be.
>>   Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can.
>>   Our children change us... whether they live or not.
>>   Our constitution protects aliens, drunks and U.S. Senators.
>>   Our constitution works. Our great republic is a government of laws, not of men.
>>   Our country, right or wrong. When right, to be kept right, when wrong to be put right.
>>   Our days are a kaleidoscope. Every instant a change takes place in the contents. New harmonies, new contrasts, new combinations of every sort. Nothing ever happens twice alike. The most familiar people stand each moment in some new relation to each other,


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