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Tylko u nas znajdziesz tak wiele cytatów w języku angielskim posegregowanych alfabetycznie.Nasza baza cytatów angielskich jako jedyna w sieci liczy ponad 10 000 najlepszych cytatów.Zapraszamy do korzystania z zasobów ...

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>>   He who tells a lie is not sensible of how great a task he undertakes; for he must be forced to invent twenty more to maintain that one.
>>   He who undervalues himself is justly undervalued by others.
>>   He who waits for a chance may wait for a long time.
>>   He who will not economize will have to agonize.
>>   He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave.
>>   He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.
>>   He who would leap high must take a long run.
>>   He who would travel happily must travel light.
>>   He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
>>   He will always be a slave who does not know how to live upon a little.
>>   He will laugh thee to scorn.
>>   He will live ill who does not know how to die well.
>>   He wins every hand who mingles profit with pleasure.
>>   He with whom neither slander that gradually soaks into the mind, nor statements that startle like a wound in the flesh, are successful may be called intelligent indeed.
>>   He wrapped himself in quotations- as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.
>>   Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
>>   Health consists of having the same diseases as one's neighbors.
>>   Health food makes me sick.
>>   Health is not simply the absence of sickness.
>>   Health is not valued till sickness comes.


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